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Clean Comedian "The Whole Sh'Bang" Rich Jones on stage

Clean Comedian “The Whole Sh’Bang” Rich Jones on stage

The Whole Sh’BANG Rich Jones has been writing and performing comedy for over 12 years as he brings his hilarious 110% clean style of comedy to you. Being able to do the same routine at a comedy club on Saturday night and a church function on Sunday is a pretty cool, but rare thing. Rich has never compromised his gift of performing only clean comedy.

Testimonials about Rich

After seeing Rich perform live, I knew this guy had natural talent. He makes you laugh from start to finish!

Tim DeTellis

Host - "Family Comedy Minute" radio program, Founder - "Laugh All Night" comedy concerts

Rich Jones is hilariously funny!

Tim Hawkins

Rich Jones is hilarious! Just the kind of comedy that gets you thinking and laughing at the same time.

Benham Brothers

Best selling authors of "Whatever The Cost"

Hey, that’s really very funny stuff! And you can put that on the cover if you like.

Larry Kenney

Voice of Lion-O, "Thundercats"

Rich Jones is one funny guy! His ease of delivery, quirky outlook on life, and original material all serve him well, and his audiences love every minute of it. Especially me. Rich Jones always makes me laugh!

Martha Bolton

Writer for Bob Hope & Phyllis Diller
I’ve been lucky enough to share a stage with this guy. While virtually all comics fall into categories, and there’s nothing wrong with that, Rich Jones has created his own category. You may be surprised, you may shake your head, but know this: you will laugh.

Derrick Tennant

14 Sleeves

Rich Jones… Lovable, Refreshingly Focused, Shy & Addicting. 😉

Missy Crider

Actress - TV’s "24", "Criminal Minds"
I like your funniness, humorness, laugh-ability. You’re a funny dude!

Darrell Evans

Worship Leader



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